Split Ender Pro


Talavera designed to split – to get as a way for men and women split ends problems Ender PRO 2nd The new device has revolutionized hair care in the salon and at home as well as the way such as hairdressers to treat the hair of their customers.

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Healthier hair: In order to be healthy hair split ends trimmed to get. Victor Talavera makes this easier with its wireless split ends trimmer, the split – Ender PRO which was designed so that it only removes the split ends and not the length.
Professional results at home: No more waiting for weeks fear a hair appointment or that you cut away too much at home. The original split Enders technology removes only the damaged hair ends and does not affect the hair that does not require to repair.
EASY TO USE: This is to remove the ideal treatment dry ends. To cut the hair, let your hair with a brush in strands and pull the device through all the strands as you would use a flat iron until you reach the middle of the plate.
Patented automatic DESIGN: The portable electric split ends remover works due to a unique patented process, and with the solid 1/4 “Trim spacers ensure that only the split ends and not the length is removed so that your hair can grow longer and stronger than so far.


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