Power Bank (10000mAh)


Power Bank
Dual USB outputTwo-way quick charge14.2mm thin
Lithium polymer batteriesNine layers of circuit chip protection

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Brand Name:XIAOMI
XiaoMi Model:PLM01ZM
Battery Capacity:10000mAh
Charging Devices:for Smartphone
Battery Type:Li-polymer Battery
Features:Support Quick Charging
Input Interface:Micro Usb
Input Interface:USB Type C
Shell Material:Metal
Supports Solar Energy:No
Type:Portable Power Bank
Size:147 * 71.2 * 14.2mm
Support Quick Charge Technology:Two-way Quick Charge
Quality Certification:CCC
Output Interface:Double USB
Is LED Lamp Illumination:No
Mi Power Bank
Dual USB outputTwo-way quick charge14.2mm thin
Lithium polymer batteriesNine layers of circuit chip protection

In the eve of 2019, Xiaomi officially released its latest power bank, calledXiaomi Mi Power bank3 10000mAh – New, the biggest feature is to upgrade to double USB output port, but it still sells at the same price.

In design, Xiaomi MI Power Bank3 10000mAh is designed same as the last generation, but the cover uses aluminum alloy unibody material, the surface is processed by anodic oxidation process, it not only has very high structure strength, but it is anti-collision, but it can support anti-perspiration and anti-corrosion.

In battery, Xiaomi MI Mobile Power Bank3 10000mAh battery is to use high qualitylithium polymer core, the conversion rate of polymer core is up to 90%, the actual output capacity is 6500mAh battery, in theory, it can charge 3.5 times for iPhone 7, and twice for Xiaomi MI6.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi MI Mobile Power Bank 10000mAh single output supports multi-quick charge agreement, its power can be up to 14.4W, When double USB port output, each interface can reach 5V/2.4A output ability, the total power rate can be up to 15W.

In input, it can still support quick charge, according to compatible charger, it can support 12V/1.5A and 9V/2A two kinds of 18W modes, which can reduce charging time largely.

Double click the button to launch 2 hours charging mode, after that, it can charge for Bluetooth earphone, Xiaomi mi band, etc.

In safety, it still supportstemperature protection, short circuit protection, input output over-voltage protection, over-current protection, current charge discharge protection, Reset, input over-voltage protection, battery charge discharge protection and hardware level battery over current short circuit protection.

Tips: you can get authentication label on the original packing, to verify if the power bank is original from Xiaomi.


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